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Serving Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, our team of highly qualified technicians are ready to provide fast and effective solutions for your termite and pest problems. If you need any additional information please feel free to call us toll free @ 888-575-2782.

Termite Control Services

  • Specializing in Localized Treatments w/ Orange Oil.(No Tenting, No need to vacate).
  • Traditional Tenting / Fumigation methods are available.
  • Wood Repairs available.
  • Escrow Reports / Termite Certification (Nominal Fee).
  • Protection Policy available (Renewable Guarantee).
  • Whole house guarantee available with Localized Treatments.
  • 1-2 year guarantees available (Localized or Fumigation methods).

Pest Control Services

  • Rats / Mice
  • Birds
  • Raccoons / Opossums
  • Silverfish
  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Ticks
  • Fleas
  • Wasps
  • Bees

People, Pets and Plants are our concern. All our technicians are state licensed and professionally trained. We are open Monday - Saturday for your convenience. Buy-Rite Termite & Pest Control offers Monthly, Bi-Monthly and Quarterly services for all your Pest Control needs.

If your Pomona Hills home hasn't had a Termite Inspection, now's the time. The longer these problems remain undiagnosed and untreated, the more severe the damage can be. But don't trust the safety of your home to just any Pest Control Company. Choose the best , choose Buy Rite.

When our Pest Control Company conducts your Pomona Hills Termite Inspection, technicians will look for signs of other destructive insects or other pests. Once you know what you're up against, the course of action becomes clear. There may be other insect issues, or you could have a hidden problem with rodents. Either way, Buy Rite can help.

A Pest Control Company That Cares

Not every Pomona Hills Pest Control Company pays as much attention to the safety of your home as Buy Rite does. We specialize in the use of non-toxic orange oil termite treatments. This formula is deadly to termites while remaining harmless to people, pets, and plants. Ask about this process during your Termite Inspection.

While the orange oil treatment does not require you to vacate your home, we also offer the traditional tenting applications you'd find at another Pomona Hills Pest Control Company. These techniques are used in more severe circumstances. With either technique, there are 1 or 2 year guarantees available. A Termite Inspection is the best way to determine what sort of treatment would be best for you and your home.

Get a Termite Inspection Before You Buy or Sell

Don't be unpleasantly surprised after purchasing a new home. Buy Rite is available to perform pre-sale Pomona Hills Termite Inspections. We can provide an escrow report or termite certification for a nominal fee. Buy Rite wants to be your Pest Control Company.

We offer regular scheduled Termite Inspections and treatments, on a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly basis. Other pests are no problem for us, either. We deal not only with insects, but also with mice, rats, raccoons, birds , you name it. Let Buy Rite be your full service Pomona Hills Pest Control Company!

Termite's can be one of the most daunting problems Pomona Hills homeowners confront. In particular, termites can cause severe damage and undermine the value of a home. Without a good Pest Control Company to assess and handle the problem, it can get worse and worse. That's why so many homeowners choose Buy Rite.

Most people know that, when buying a house in Pomona Hills, it's good to have a Termite Inspection inspection. That first inspection can make all the difference in understanding what you're up against. But beyond that first inspection, many people don't call in a Pest Control Company until they actually see invasive critters. By then it can be too late.

Preventive Termite Inspection

Smart homeowners call Buy Rite for early Termite Inspection. Hidden problems can render a home uninhabitable so quickly you may not know what hit you.
A good Pomona Hills Pest Control Company like Buy Rite can send you inspectors who know what to look for in evaluating your home for insect or rodent infestation. This protection can be invaluable.

It's also important, however, to protect your home and your family from powerful toxic treatments. Buy Rite is the Pomona Hills Pest Control Company that specializes in safe, clean treatment of pest problems. Termite Inspection doesn't have to be dangerous. Ask us about our orange oil solution.

The Safe Pomona Hills Pest Control Company

Orange oil has been discovered to be extremely toxic to termites, but perfectly safe for humans and pets. This type of Termite Inspection and pest control makes it possible to treat your home without requiring you to vacate it. If your infestation is a little more advanced, it may be necessary to turn to the traditional tenting option. We offer one or two year guarantees on our work, because we want to be the Pomona Hills Pest Control Company you trust.

Call for your Termite Inspection inspection now. If you're buying or selling, ask us about our termite certification and escrow report services. Even if you've owned you home for a long while, a periodic inspection is important. The best Pomona Hills Pest Control Company is right here, Buy Rite.

Pest Control in Pomona Hills or the immediate area can present challenges well beyond the knowledge or abilities of individual homeowners or property caretakers. An individual homeowner or property manager can try, but ultimately the pests of the area are widespread, varied and unrelenting. When engaging a Pest Control Company in Pomona Hills becomes inevitable, it can be very helpful to already know what to look for in terms of which company would make the perfect partner for cleaning up your property.

Typically the first question that will surface in your mind will be, will there be assurances that that the problem will be eradicated? Then, which Pomona Hills Pest Control Company offers the best service, and at the best price? For these questions, look for a Pomona Hills Pest Control Company that has been in operation for many years, and preferably offers guarantees for the work it performs. A good Pest Control Company in Pomona Hills will feel confident enough in its work to pledge to return if pests return.

Your Pomona Hills Pest Control Options

Searching for the right Pest Control Company in Pomona Hills and the surrounding area is difficult because there are so many different kinds of pests to deal with. There is the seemingly never-ending battle with ants. Also, the area is built with wood-frame construction, so termites are always a threat. Some can attract proposals by a Pomona Hills Pest Control Company that are quite dramatic and rather cumbersome, such as tenting your property, which actually might be avoided with a bit of research.

For example, there are some Pomona Hills Pest Control companies that offer localized pest eradication treatments, such as orange oil treatment for termites to avoid full-blown tenting that forces owners from their properties for extended periods of time. You also can find a good Pomona Hills Pest Control Company to provide wood repairs if you ended up contacting them a bit late. Some companies offer escrow reports or termite certifications to help with real estate transactions.

Finding a Pest Control Company in Pomona Hills for All Kinds of Critters

Other pests you want your Pomona Hills Pest Control Company to combat can include mice, rats, birds, raccoons, opossums, silverfish, spiders, ticks, fleas, wasps and bees. For such a robust list you will want experience and qualifications. Seek state licensing proof from your Pomona Hills Pest Control Company, and don't be afraid to ask about additional professional training they might have received. If your property's problem is with rats, for example, ask specifically how they have been trained to get rid of that type of critter.

Lastly there is customer service and convenience for a Pest Control Company in Pomona Hills. Does the company have a toll-free number to call? When you have a pest problem, you likely will want it addressed immediately. Ask if the Pomona Hills Pest Control Company has options such as monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly services, to meet your needs not theirs. Selection is a great offering by any business, including in the pest control field.

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