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Termite Treatments

Every home is different and unique in it's own way. In order to determine the Rite Treatment, a carefull identification of your pest problem must take place. Various treatment methods are available from "whole house fumigation" to "localized treatments". Buy-Rite Termite & Pest Control is determined to provide safe and effective solutions for all your Pest needs!


Drywood termites and termite damage can threaten the integrity of you largest investment - your home. What do you do when your pest management professional tells you that your home needs to be fumigate for drywood termites? Do not worry you are not alone.Millions of homeowners battle termite infestations every year and many of their homes are treated by whole-structure fumigation with Vikane* gas fumigant.

The fumigation process usually takes 24 to 48 hours. Your professional fumigator tents your home with large tarps, prepares the interior, seals the tarps, and releases the warning agent. (chloropicrin) into the structure. Then, your fumigator introduces Vikane through a special hose attached to a fumigant cylinder located outside your home.

Contained in the structure for a predetermined time, the fumigant penetrates deep into wood to eliminate drywood termites. After the fumigation is complete, your fumigator aerates and certifies the fumigant from your home, allowing you and your family to re-enter.

Argentine Ants

There are many localized treatment methods available that include both chemical and nonchemical options. The chemical options include orange oil, liquid organophosphates and pyrethroids, borate and silica gel dusts. For the liquid and dust insecticides to be effective, they must be touched or ingested by termites. Best results are obtained by drilling into the termite galleries and injecting products directly.

Sub-Slab Injection
Black Widow

For the sub-slab method, holes are drilled in a concrete slab and pesticide is injected through a tube into the soil beneath the slab. This method is used inside the structure, mainly where pipes protrude through the slab, as in bathrooms and kitchens. Injection also may be required along both sides of interior support walls, one side of interior partitions and along all cracks and expansion joints.
At times the pesticide must be injected through exterior foundation walls just beneath the slab, such as when treating kitchens and bathrooms from the outside. To ensure a good, continuous chemical barrier, the holes should be drilled in the slab no farther than 12 inches apart.

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